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Knitted City graphic and motion design company based out of Nashville, TN


Here are free resources that I’ve either made or collected for you.

Fake 3D Toolkit (Free)

Knitted City Fake 3D Toolkit

With this toolkit you’ll get two tools that will allow you to create fake 3D objects in Illustrator or Photoshop.


  1. Isometric Grid

  2. Adobe Illustrator Isometric Actions (Credit for these actions goes to TipTut)

Price: FREE


I’ve been collecting fonts for the past few years. Here are the font shops that I’ve found along with some of my personal favs. I hope this is a useful resource for you. If you use one of the fonts you found here tag @knittedcity! I wanna see it. I’ll keep updating this list so bookmark this page and check back in.

Cody’s Stipple Brush (Free)

Cody's Stipple Brush Free

Quickly add tasteful texture to anything in Photoshop with this brush.

Price: FREE