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Stonewall Creative Branding

Cody Garrow


It's been 4 months since I completed the logo design for Stonewall Creative. I keep going back to look at this logo, and not because I like it, but because it's the first project I was asked to do that made me say,

For a while there (a.k.a. the two years I had been doing marketing before this project) I was working corporate jobs and creating corporate content. Although, I'm critically banking on the skills I learned in the corporate environment, I didn't care for it. Even though I hate that I wasn't flat out grateful for my job, I just wasn't. I can't help but believe there's fulfillment out there waiting for me, and once I realized that, my head was forever in the clouds. 

Bad Mountain

Riley Wampler of Stonewall Creative is a great friend and getting to know him better in this project was second to none. The name Stonewall Creative comes from the meaning of Riley's family name, Wampler. Wampler means 

Dwellers of the stone wall

and Riley's one suggestion for the logo was that it include a mountain in some way. 

Mountains have become somewhat of a buzzword in logo design lately and my biggest fear going into this design was that I wouldn't be able to create a mountain different from all of the other great mountains out there. Creating hand drawn mountains seemed like the only way to avoid being generic. 

After pages and pages of drawn mountains and hand sketched letters, I finally landed on one that I was proud of.


To keep the hand crafted look and feel, I took inspiration from a font called Flattrack. 


The goal was to create one large logo  that can be broken into individual iconic parts and I'm confident that was accomplished. I'm thankful for this design that helped me realize so much. 

Feedback is my lifeblood, so if you have any don't hesitate to say!

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